Ian’s Senior Photos

Senior Photos I worked with Ian’s mom, Becky, for several months in 2015.  She really wanted to use me for Ian’s senior photographs, but the decision was his on the choice of photographer.  She didn’t […]


Family Reunion

Family Reunion I love having the opportunity to photograph informal events, like this Family Reunion.  This beautiful property in Dallas, Oregon, had it all!  A large field with beautiful trees, a creek with a small […]


Anthony and Crystal

This was an absolutely fun session!  I’ve known both of these two for a very very long time.  Crystal is my cousin, so I’ve known her since she was born.  Anthony I’ve known since I […]


Torrey and Mandy

Ok, So I’m absolutely horrible at updating the blog.  I’m sorry!  I’ve had some wonderful shoots, but this one was so much fun I couldn’t help but get it up as quickly as possible! I […]


Paladin Starr

I can’t believe that this kid is already 2 1/2!  When Erin was pregnant, she kept wishing/praying/pleading that his eyes would be blue.  I’m so very glad she got her wish!


Kyle and Ruthy Engagement photographs – Corvallis, Oregon

About a year ago I was working at the Albany, Oregon Costco selling phones when I separately met Ruthy and her now fiancee Kyle.  They both worked part time for other vendors.  Ruthy did a […]


My lil’ cowboy

This is my son, Paladin Starr.  I just got a new camera setup, so I decided to test it out on him.  And of course, he also got to pose with his beautiful mommy!  Love […]


Chris and Lacey Dayton pt. 2

The wait is over!  I just got my medium format and 35mm film scans back from the lab. I’m super excited on how these turned out.  


Chris and Lacey Dayton sneak peek!

As I relaunch Starr Photographers as a business, one of the things you’re going to see is the increased use of film as the medium, instead of digital.  This isn’t because I believe one format […]

Starr Photographers has a new website!

  Sometimes, we get side-tracked on our dreams.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m there.  I spent 3.5 years earning a bachelors degree in professional photography, to find myself selling cell phones and not […]