who we are

Starr Photographers is a Newberg, Oregon based photography husband and wife team that serves the Metro Portland area, greater Willamette valley and the coast.

At the cornerstone of Starr Photographers are three principles to ensure our clients receive the perfect experience, whether it’s a small beach side wedding, family portraits, or whatever event deserves a great photograph.

Knowledgeable: You’ll see a lot of photographers say they are ‘Natural Light’ photographers, what this general means is they don’t know how to operate lighting equipment and just want the easy way out.  While natural light is a great look, using the right tool in any given situation is what we bring to the table.  Michael has been a professional photographer for over 10 years and has a Bachelors degree from world renown photo school Brooks Institute.

Timeless:  Starr Photographers is a hybrid analog/digital photography business.  What does that mean?  We love the look that film gives, and the convenience of digital.  We seamlessly integrate both film and digital together! Your photographs will not be heavily edited with crazy new fad filters and treatments, so you’ll be able to look at your photograph for decades to come and not be embarrassed!

Authentic: Cheesy smile?  Well maybe…. Only if you’re a cheesy person.  Formal posing?  Maybe if you need a headshot.  What authentic means to Starr Photographers is that we want to capture who you are, and that means keeping you at ease. Authentic means we want your photographs to reflect who you really are!


About Michael:

I love photography. I not only get to create an image, or a moment in time for people to share in, but in doing so I evoke emotional responses.  To be able to share this with people gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction that I can’t even begin to describe.  I strive to be your perfect wedding and portrait photographer.

I’m a fun loving guy! I play guitar, sing karaoke, dominate at video games, and I consider myself a snob when it comes to beer. And yes, my orange sideburns/beard are natural.


Erin is my driving force.  Every time I feel like something isn’t good enough, or that I want to give up on something, she’s there to lift me back up.

She’s the perfect photo assistant, getting kids of all ages to smile for the camera!  She is a business professional, and I really couldn’t do this without her.  She is also the most amazing mother ever to our son, Paladin Starr.